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Great product!!! Material is so soft and nice fit. 3rd time purchase and highly recommend.

Sexy Mens Swimwear Xpression Mini Swim Bikini - Mok Da

Feel sexy and got the right size. Feeling great and sexy whenever I'm posing this sexy swimwear.

Barely Legal... long as you're careful! So sexy and a great fit. You should be manscaped at the least, even better shaved or waxed!

So Hot!

This swimsuit is looks great, feels great, and won't slip away. It is well made and I expect it to last a long time. Delightful!

My First Purchase is Delightful

I have never had such a sexy swimsuit before. It feels wonderful. The extremely low flat front feels as good as it looks. It is so hot! The mesh rear is light and also very comfortable. I really like the color combination, too. The red front stands out against the purple waistband.


Comfortable, great fitting, and superb material.
The quality is really good and their artisans pay alot of attention to fit, comfort and quality - the stitching is superb.

Sexy Men's Swimwear Mini Swim Bikini - Chung Cha (Extreme Low Flat Front)
Tom T.
Great look

Loved the look and feel of this swimsuit. Minimal coverage but enough coverage to wear at the beach.

No Gun III - When you have to wear something

I purchased the version with the turquoise mesh pouch and the yellow seat. The front is small and in my case, after carefully tucking everything in, covers about 2/3rds of my junk, however the mesh is see through, so it is all somewhat exposed. The side straps are sturdy and do their job. The seat is a silky smooth thin yellow nylon and, although it covers everything, it probably shows everything when it is wet. So you you can wear this sexy suit to both cover and show everything at the same time..

Myo mun - Terrific tease suit

Purchased the white ultra thin nylon version. Love the extreme low front which barely covers anything and the teasing keyhole back that dares exploration . Silky thin fabrics make it feel sexy more so when wet.

Sexy Mens Swimwear Ultra Swim Kini - Yo Jun
Ultimate Cutting

An ever ultimate bikini cutting it is in the world. No more stuff can be comparing with it.

Sexy Men's Underwear Mini Tights - Ryu Sook (X-tra Low Flat Front)
Riz A.
A review

It was comfortable and sexy!.
It didnt chafe for me.

Sexy suit

I love the look of this suit! He blue mesh is opaque enough when dry to give just a hint of whats to come when wet , when your package is much more clearly exposed. Wore this on my patio just yesterday I love the fit and feel of the fabric. Ill be traveling with this suit soon!

Sexy Mens Swimwear Maximizer Ultra Swim Pouch Bikini - Ryu Da
Very nice frontal pouch

Very well made. Very nice cutting.

Very sexy

As a typical show off, I like to shock the people around me on beach and pool. I prefer very skimpy, low rise and sexy swimwear instead of normal beachwear.
With Mategear I have always the perfect outfit. Since years, I am proud to wear the perfect under- and swimwear to show my physics.

Super comfortable around the package

Oh my God! These briefs are SO soft and super comfortable. They fit very snugly around my goods and hug my butt. Also love the extremely low fit. Will buy more of these!

Yes, yes, yes

Great product. Love the wider leg-straps, nice pull/feeling as I'm wearing it.

Show & hide

Nice fit to show and hide at the same time. Great fabric.

Sexy peek-a-boo effect

Loving the slip, peek-a-boo effect.

Perfect fit

Perfect fit, soft tissue, all details OK

Sexy Men's Swimwear Mini Swim Bikini - Chung Cha (Extreme Low Flat Front)
John D.
my view

As a heterosexual: this bikini is very good liked by the girls and women.

Sexy Mens Swimwear Ultra Swim Pouch Bikini - Eo Hyo (Extreme Bulge Pouch)
Great mens swimming bikini

This Mens bikini shows and holds my large endowment nicely and it’s great for beach or pool!

Shi Woo

Tiny, but covers what it needs to. Robust enough to be used as swimwear. Enjoy!

Great Design to accentuate your bulge

This design is my very favourite of any Mategear swimsuit I have ever purchased
I bought the one with the black pouch and this one truly accentuates your hardware lol , so I bought two in the same design different color , but this one still my fav but sizes are gone they need to revisit this one with some new color schemes I love the black shiny material used , it's awesome please Re release with some super sexy colors

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