MATE custom designs division is comprised of a dedicated team of artisans with many years of experience in sewing techniques and working with the thinnest and most delicate materials possible.

Each artisan is dedicated to creating truly unique and special pieces as each design is only crafted in very limited pieces, allowing the artisan to devote their dedication and passion solely to each design.

Intricate detailing makes every piece a work of art that would easily be the centrepiece in your collection. Every piece is a expression of your individuality and a reflection of your fine personal taste.




Unbound by the constraints and limitations of mass production, the custom designs division sole mission is to create the most exclusive and unique pieces specially for you.

Pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of menswear, our designers source for the best fabrics available and transform them into completely original and provocative designs.

There are no limits on what the custom designs division are able to create as our artisans are capable of turning even the most challenging design into reality.  

Be a part of our story today and experience a truly unique and special piece of menswear, created by us, specially for your enjoyment.



Over the years, the custom designs division has released over 1000 designs and counting.

Each design is conceptualised, drafted and finally sewn by our team of artisans to realise the concept of the designers.

Each piece is a detailed piece of art crafted with passion by our artisans, specially for your enjoyment and collection.

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