Xpression Mini Bikini - Cha Hae

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$29.00 USD

Extremely Sexy Men's Underwear with Minimal Coverage. Extremely Low-Rise and Sexy.

Features erotic asymmetrical front pouch with contrast color thin waistband and piping. �

  • Use as: Underwear �


As our designs are ultra sexy and low-rise, please refer to our size chart for the best fit for you.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    an under extraordinary garment

    This bikini doesn’t cover much and is so exciting. Very comfortable to wear.

    Works well...until that first touch

    The most of nothing that there can be. Naughty to the extreme. Wearing these into the bedroom (or patio, or kitchen, or garage) is fine, but walk slowly...any bounce at all and even the slightest swelling easily stretches these beyond their tiny limits. I think I lasted 28 seconds before this ultra-skimpy bikini could no longer hold what was to become a long and hard evening. 🍆Enjoy them for the few minutes they actually contain you...it won’t last long. Sizzling hot 💥

    CHA HAE Provocative and Exciting

    The dominant feature of the CHA HAE is the unique bulge pouch with 2 assymetrical cutouts. The left cutout is small but does expose skin next to the shaft. The right cutout is much larger and exposes about half of the shaft and the right testicle. The head is covered by thin nylon fabric. The pubic area should be shaved clean for maximum effect. On occassion, I wear a chrome cock ring which enhances the cutouts. The rear cover is approximately 3/4ths. My choice of color was navy with contrasting bright green piping. I wear the CHA HAE as sleepwear and during the day as underwear and private sunning. I frequently wear it under Mategear’s extremely sexy mini short that is translucent black. Up close, it is possible to faintly see the CHA HAE beneath the short. Very pleased with the product. Thank you, Mategear.

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