Extremely Sexy Mini Shorts - Jae Hui (Translucent Series)

$32.00 USD
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Presenting our outrageously sexy mini shorts! Sides are fully split to show off those legs and butt cheeks.

Made from soft translucent fabric with Satin panel and stripes.

Perfect for lounging around the house in, these are guaranteed to turn up the heat.

  • Sexiest Mini Shorts featuring Full Splits at the Side
  • Designed to show off those legs and butt cheeks
  • Designed for a Tight and Snug Fit
  • Extremely Low-Rise and Extremely Sexy
  • Made from Soft Translucent Fabric and Satin


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
This is one pair of HOT pants!

I bought these since I was "over" the boring, uncomfortable boxers and conservative mens sleepwear seen in big box stores. Mategear (As an Aussie, I approve of the brand name) products are quite... different, and on this front alone I'm impressed! The translucent fabric is just the right level of revealing (a bit but not excessive) and the cut is minimalist - these are as small as a pair of shorts can realistically be. The "It's like wearing nothing at all" cliche is true of these shorts, they're light and airy keeping me cool and comfortable; I have no problem sleeping in them. As close cut as they are, the fabric is light and a little stretchy so they're not restrictive, and the fit is pretty much true to the size guide. As someone with an interest in design, I really admire the solid checked panels on the front, they give just the right amount of contrast against the rest of the fabric, and remind one that these are in fact boxer shorts, albeit outrageously unique ones. Only complaint is the inside label can be a little irritating (not a huge problem but I notice it sometimes).

Very transluceny

More translucent than i was thinking. Very sexy

Most Popular

I attended an underpants party recently and wore this pair of shorts. Of all the underpants and panties being worn (about 30 people) these were the most popular. several people wanted to know where I purchased them. I passed along the web site. I just love them. They are very comfortable, sexy and alluring. My male roommate is going to buy his own as he has borrowed mine twice.

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