Extremely Sexy Mini Bikini - Chang Hoon (Mint Cotton)

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Ultra Sexy Men's Underwear with Minimal Coverage. Extremely Low-Rise and Sexy. 

Feel extremely sexy in our mini bikinis. If you are craving a bikini with the least coverage possible, this is the perfect cut for you. 


Features a very sexy open back. 


  • Sexy Mini Bikini with a very sexy open back
  • Does not come with Inner Lining 
  • Made from Single Layer Cotton
  • Designed for a Tight and Snug Fit
  • Extremely Low-Rise and Extremely Sexy
  • Material: 90% Cotton 10% Spandex
  • Use as: Underwear 



As our designs are ultra sexy and low-rise, please refer to our size chart for the best fit for you. 

  • Click here to view our size chart.
    A Unique Sexy Mens Underwear Design by MATE - Be Yourself
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